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Career counseling

Do you have a specific cause in your current position and would like to discuss with us how best to proceed?

Or do you want to optimize your professional career and benefit from an experienced consultant?

With regard to application processes, we know the inside and outside perspective of companies and convey our experience to you as part of "consulting with added value". Also with the aim of further building your self-confidence in order to sell yourself better afterwards.

As career consultants, we offer you assistance on the following topics and questions:

  • How can and should I work with specific career goals?
  • How do I create a career plan?
  • How do I communicate and present my own personality, competencies and achievements convincingly (personal branding)?
  • How do I define a suitable application strategy?

Noch Fragen?

If you have questions about your resume, we assume that it is already well prepared and meets standard requirements (format, content structure, contact information, spelling/grammar, completeness). As your consultant, we can help you with content-related questions and support you with self-promotion.

References Career Consulting

Frederik E., Self-employed

"I had an effective career counseling with Dr. Isabel Herbold, which helped me to recognize my strengths and strengthen my self-confidence. Her tips were helpful for the moment but also to realize my plans in the long run. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a career counselor."

Johannes L., Management Consultant:

"The career counseling with Dr. Herbold was a professional and very structured process. Throughout the entire consultation and especially during the interview phase, Dr. Herbold was always available and always had the right recommendation to my questions. Finally, she was also a strong advisor during the final decision phase, between two concrete offers."

Shivam S., Student der EBS Universität

„I had an amazing session with Dr. Isabel who helped me to realize my strength and boost my confidence.  I would highly recommend her to someone looking for career growth.“

Tillmann J., Student @ EBS Universität

„Durch die Covid-19 Pandemie hatte ich große Probleme bei der Suche nach einem geeigneten Praktikum im Anschluss an meinen Bachelor Abschluss. Ich verlor den Fokus und bewarb mich auf Stellen, in denen ich auf lange Sicht wahrscheinlich nicht glücklich werden würde. Als Folge darauf erhielt ich massenweise Absagen. 
Frau Dr. Herbold half mir dabei Klarheit in meine Erwartungen zu bringen, Vertrauen in meine Fähigkeiten zu fassen und meine Bewerbungen zu optimieren. Meine Erwartungen an das Gespräch wurden bei weitem übertroffen und ich empfehle sie einschränkungslos an jeden weiter!“

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