Mindfulness and Self-awareness

What effects does mindfulness and self-awareness have and how can we use their effect for our lives?

How can we come to peace and thereby gain clarity about our own emotional world?

How can I consciously perform tasks without distractions in order to be completely focused on the task at hand?

Your benefit

Learn practical breathing and mindfulness techniques to promote resilience, agility and clarity of mind so that success and good health are possible at the same time.

Today's world is complex, demanding and constantly changing. This also leads to higher performance requirements and a growing workload and thus to a lack of concentration, distraction, stress and even physical tension.

This working world 4.0 brings with it an increase in external stimuli, which has an enormous impact on our brain. Do you know these external stimuli such as overstimulation, information addiction (24/7), difficulty in switching off, sleep problems?

In such an environment, employees and leaders need behavioral skills that lead to improved resilience, agility, and clarity of mind so that success and health can co-exist. Mindfulness and self-awareness techniques support and enhance this process.

Your journey into your holistic mindful life begins with: Your journey into your holistic mindful life begins with:


Health and Vitality

Once your body and mind return to harmony, our natural regeneration process kicks in and we gain energy to consciously live our lives.


A clear and conscious mind

You will learn a new way of dealing with your thoughts so that you remain calm even in challenging situations.


Conscious breathing

You will learn a more conscious approach to your breathing and receive deeper information and breathing exercises to help you come into the HERE and NOW.


Clarity in life

Find out who you are and what you really want. With holistic mindful practice, you will naturally train your intuition. You will become clearer about what is good for you and what is not.

Dr. Isabel Herbold is a certified Mindfulness Trainer (EBS/TLEX) and will show you ways to integrate mindfulness and self-awareness into your life.